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Where are you located and where are the products made?

We are located in Lithuania, Europe, where we have deep linen
growing/processing/sewing traditions.

All our products are made with love and care, by our hands in our small and cozy studio.

What are your working hours?

Our working hours:

Monday-Friday 9.00 am – 6 pm EET.

Where is linen/cotton fabric made? Is it certified?

Linen fabric that we use is made in our country Lithuania. Cotton - in EU.

We use only OEKO-TEX certified linen fabric. This means that the garment is
free of harmful chemicals and is safe for your everyday use.

What is your making time?

Making time for different items is different. Please, pay attention to the information, included in every item description. Find the row "Made to order ..... - ..... business days". Here is the information how many days we need for order fulfillment process - sewing, packing and the dispatch.

What shipping method do you use?

We use regular registered trackable delivery.

Delivery price will be seen in the cart. It depends on a country to deliver to.

It takes (after the dispatch):

✔️ EUROPEAN UNION – 1-2 weeks.
Poland, Germany, Austria – approx. 1 week.
Other EU countries approx. 1.5-2.5 weeks.

✔️ UK – 2-4 weeks.

✔️USA - 3-5 weeks.

✔️ CANADA – 3-5 weeks.

✔️ AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND – 4-6 weeks.

✔️Other faraway countries – 4-6 weeks.

There are far away countries to which we do not ship. Pls, contact us before
ordering if you have a doubt.

IF YOU WISH TO HAVE EXPEDITED DELIVERY, you can order it additionally.

We use DPD, FEDEX and DHL courier service.
The expedited delivery time approx. 3-8 business days (depends on a country).

This costs 25-55 EUR/approx. 30 - 60 USD (depends on a country and on the order volume)

Can my order be customized?

We can customize:

- the length of the garment (shorten/lengthen) +/-10 cm or 4 inches for FREE

- the sleeves length (shorten/ lengthen) +/- 10 cm or 4 inches for FREE

- the elastic waist (shorter/longer) according to your waist measurements. FREE

- kitchen/dining/bath/bedding - we can do different sizes up to your wish.
Please, always contact us for more information. As there can be exceptions on the bigger sizes because of the possible fabric widths. COSTS ADDITIONALLY,
depending on the customization works and fabric.