Our Story


The story of our small company begins in 2017 with an idea based on a desire to create simple and timeless products using natural highest quality linen fabric. Flax plant, from which linen fabric is made, is one of the oldest agricultural plants in the world that is appreciated for its durability, naturalness, and freshness.

These magical linen properties were the ones, which encouraged us to start our activity – to bring this natural beauty to every home, to every wardrobe.

That moment was special for us. We started creating clothes, accessories and home textile with the aim to satisfy the needs and wishes of our clients, who value environmentally-friendly and comfy clothes, simple yet durable up-to-date home linens.

We are growing. Slowly. The aim of our activity is based on staying creative in a competitive market by maintaining design integrity and sewing quality products. Sometimes we skip seasonal collections, but only for the reason to create something new, that comes from our hearts. Something that will be valued by our clients and will remain for their future generations.

Linen is timeless!


Every order is special for us. Heart-made. Especially for you.

We do not stock our products, as we believe they should be made only when they are really needed.

Slow living together with the slow fashion is the aim we are reaching.

That is why we always advice buying less but paying attention to the fabric’s features and the way product is made.    

Being a tiny linen company, we have possibility to go deep in every order, to make your products with the biggest care, paying attention to every detail and final product’s quality.

 Enjoy comfort and quality of linen products!



 While talking about sustainability or sustainable fashion, perhaps the first questions you should ask yourself is - what are my clothes or home linens made of?

Like true linen lovers we confirm, this question is important for us as well.

The linen fabric we are working with is treated like environmentally-friendly material. Linen is derived from the flax plant. Its growth requires very little or no fertilizer, pesticide, and irrigation. Linen is totally biodegradable.  

The fabric that we use in our activity is certified according to the OEKO-TEX standard and this means, the linen fabric contains no toxic chemicals and is not harmful for the environment, is totally safe to use.

Moreover, we always support “ZERO WASTE” strategy and in our sewing activity we use 99 % of linen fabric, till the very small pieces that become tiny linen accessories like bow ties, hair ties & scrunchies, face masks etc.

 Be responsible! Make our Planet healthier!